Thursday, November 23, 2006

Further analysis part II


Likewise, in all kinds of others,
the aggregates, gateways and elements
well examined for their own characteristics,
should be collected according to what has been explained.


Cavities are the element of space,
and are light and dark.
The consciousness possessing effluents is
is the consciousness element, the basis of birth.


Here only form can be exhibited;
ten are tangible matter,
eight are neutral, those
don’t include form and sound, the others have three aspects.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Further Analysis of the Gateways, and the Aggregate of Dharma

Because of becoming the causes of contention,
and the cause of samsara, because of causal sequence;
among the mental factors sensation and
ideation are both defined separately as aggregates.

Because it is not correct for the meaning
the unconditioned is not explained among the aggregates.
The sequence is coarseness, total affliction,
like a pot and so on, and realms.

Because of present objects, the first five;
because of objects arising from the elements, four;
because the others are very distant, rapid;
otherwise, according to respective location.

Because of specific objects and primary;
because of including many phenomena and the supreme,
one is called the gateway of form
and the other is called “phenomena.”

Whatever the eighty thousand aggregates of Dharma
taught by the Muni, those are
words and names, and those
are included under matter and formations.

Some say “It is the length of the treatise”;
others, the discussions of aggregates and so on;
the antidotes of practitioners
are said to correspond with the aggregates of Dharma.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Analysis of the Non-material Aggregates, etc.

14 c/d)
Sensation is experience. Ideation’s
nature is to apprehend characteristics.

Formation is different than the other four aggregates.
Those three, along with non-informative and
unconditioned phenomena,
are called the gateway or element of phenomena.

Consciousness cognizes individually,
that is also called the mental gateway.
Also asserted as the seven elements, i.e.
the six consciousnesses and the mind.

Whatever is the sixth, and the immediately past
consciousness, that is the mind.
Because the basis of the six is well established,
the elements are asserted to be eighteen.

One aggregate, gateway
and element include all phenomena
by their own nature,
for that reason do not belong to another thing.

Though the eye and so on may be paired,
because the classification, the experiential domain, and consciousness
are similar there is but one element,
Because of aesthetics a pair occurs.

Heaps, gates of arising, and kind
are the aggregates, gateways and elements.
Because there are three kinds of confusion, faculties, and wishes,
there are three demonstrations, the aggregates and so on.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Analysis of the aggregate of matter

Matter is the five organs, the five objects.
and non-informative;
eye and so are a refined matter,
supporting their consciousnesses.

Form is twofold and twenty-fold;
sound has eight aspects,
taste has six aspects, smell four aspects,
eleven types of touch.

Distracted, even unconscious,
whatever is connected with virtue and non-virtue
become a cause of the four great elements
that is called “non-informative.”

The elements are the elements of earth,
water, fire, and wind;
established as the activities of bearing, and so on,
hard, moist, warming and motile.

In mundane convention,
color and shape are called “earth”;
so too are water and fire; the wind
is the element, similar with those.

14 [a/b])
Only those organs and the objects,
are asserted to be the ten gateways and elements.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Addictive Aggregates

7 c/d)
...they are temporal, the basis of discourse,
with certainty of release, with a foundation.

Also whatever is with effluent, those
are addictive aggregates, those also are embattled,
suffering, origin, basis of perishing ,
location of views, becoming.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Conditioned and unconditioned, with and without effluents

Phenomena are with effluents and without effluents.
Apart from the path, the conditioned
are with effluents. Why? Those
will always increase effluvia.

Without effluents: the truth of the path,
and also the three kinds of unconditioned;
space and the two cessations.
Now then, space is unhindered.

What is cessation by individual analysis?
It is individual separation.
Permanent hindrance to arising
is the other cessation without individual analysis.

Also those conditioned phenomena,
the five aggregates of matter and so on,

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prologue to the Abhidharmakosha

In Sanskrit: Abhidharmakośākārika
In Tibetan: chos mngon pa’i mdzod kyi tshig le’ur byas

Homage to Manjuśṛī Kumarabhuta

After paying homage to him, who teaches in accordance with the meaning,
The one who permanently conquered darkness everywhere,
who leads migrating beings from the mire of samsara,
the treatise of the Abhidharmakośā will be explained.

Abhidharma is immaculate wisdom with its followers.
In order to attain it, who and what treatise?
Here, in order to be correctly brought into its meaning,
or because the basis of this is that, it is the Treasury of Abhidharma.

Phenomena are afflicted when not subject to analysis
for the reason that there is no method of pacification.
Because of afflictions worldly beings wander in the ocean of existence,
therefore, the teacher taught it for that purpose.